3M Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703


3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703


Part Number  9703                  
3M™ ECATT 9703 is a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) transfer tape with anisotropic electrical conductivity. PSA matrix is filled with silver particles enabling interconnections through adhesive thickness (the Z-axis) between substrates.
  • Low outgassing acrylic adhesive
  • Anisotropic Z-axis electrical conductivity
  • PSA tack properties
  • Thermal curing not required
  • Easy to use in assembly operations
  • Can be applied as die-cut parts or in roll form


 Adhesive Thickness (metric)‎  50 micron‎
 Adhesive Type‎  Conductive Acrylic‎
 Application Category‎  EMI/EMC Applications‎ ,  Bonding‎
 Applications‎  Antenna Bonding (with Grounding)‎ ,  Flex Stiffener Bonding (with Grounding)‎ ,  Grounding‎ ,  Static Dissipation‎ ,  Flex Bonding (with Grounding)‎ ,  EMI Shielding (with Grounding)‎ ,  Metal to Metal Bonding (with Grounding)‎ ,  Flex Bonding‎
 Bonding Method‎  Finger pressure or roller bar‎
 Bonding Pressure‎  0.10 MPa‎
 Bonding Temperature‎  15 - 70 Degree C‎
 Conductive Particle Type‎  Silver-coated nickel‎
 Conductivity Direction‎  Z-Axis Conductive‎
 Conductivity Filler Type‎  Particle‎
 Connection Type‎  Flex to PCB‎ ,  Flex to LCD‎ ,  Flex to Flex‎
 Length‎  36 Linear Yard‎
 Liner Thickness (metric)‎  100 Micron‎
 Liner Type‎  Silicone Treated Polycoated Kraft Paper (PCK)‎
 Minimum Gap‎  15 mil‎
 Minimum Gap (metric)‎  400 Micron‎
 Minimum Overlap Area‎  3.2 mm²‎
 Minimum Pitch‎  32 mil‎
 Minimum Pitch (metric)‎  800 Micron‎
 Product Form‎  Roll‎
 Product Series‎  9703‎
 Shelf Life‎  24 Months @ 21 Degree C and 50% RH‎
 Total Tape Thickness without Liner‎  2 mil‎
 Total Tape Thickness without Liner (metric)‎  0.05 mm‎