3M 260 CG GR-45环氧树脂 Scotchcast Electrical Resin


3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resin 260 is a coarse grind for specific applications. Available in a 44 lb. box.
3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resin 260 is a widely used, well-known general purpose epoxy powder resin. A one-part, green pigmented, rapid heat-curing product, it is designed to provide a continuous, tough, moisture and chemical resistant dielectric coating to a variety of substrates. It is manufactured by a fusion blend process, insuring that each individual particle of powder contains all the components necessary to effect a complete cure and attain stated performance properties. Resin 260 is applied to an object that has been heated to a temperature above the melting point of the resin. On contact with the preheated application surface, the resin melts, flows to a controlled extent, then cures, bonding to the substrate and coalescing into a smooth, continuous, essentially uniform, thick coating. It effectively coats flat surfaces and coers, as well as, high points. Uses for resin 260 include moisture-proofing and insulating armatures, stators, buss bars and toroid cores.


Applicable by Electrostatic Fluid Bed No
Applicable by Electrostatic Spray Yes
Applicable by Fluid Bed Dip Yes
Applicable by Venturi Spray Yes
Color Olive
Resin Type Powder